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Feral Hogs


  1. Annual Winter Pastures for East Texas
    Tips for Establishing Annual Winter Pastures
  2. Establishing Cool-Season Annual Grasses
    Establishing Ryegrass, Small Grain, and Legume Pastures for Winter Feeding
  3. Forage Legume Management Guide
    Guide to Managing Legumes in Pastures
  4. Making Storing and Feeding Hay
    Tips on Hay Production, Storage and Feeding
  5. Minimizing Losses in Hay Storage and Feeding
    Tips for Reducing Hay Storage and Feeding Losses (2.2 MB)
  6. Round Bale Hay Storage
    Tips for Storing Round Hay Bales from Oklahoma State Univ.



  1. Northeast Texas Garden Planting Guide
    • Suggested Planting Dates for Vegetables in Bowie Co. Texas
  2. Suggested Vegetable Varieties for Bowie County
    • Suggested Vegetable Varieties for Gardens
  3. 10 Tips for Terrific Tomatoes
    • Tips for Raising Home Garden Tomatoes
  4. Forestry Herbicide Prescriptions


NE Texas CattleWomen Brochure

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